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Originally Posted by Poss View Post
David, i have a TK-730H and had a question about it, wondering if you might be able to help...I bought it used, it came without the Molex connector, so far i have figured out for the external speaker, wires must be plugged into the number 6 & 12 spot, there must also be a positive wire plugged into the Molex as well, do you know which spot the positive wire must be plugged into? thanks
Hey Poss
One of the good and sometimes frustrating things about the TK-730 series radios is that there are so many configurations. The other issue you run into with these radios is that there are a bunch of modifications that are out there even mods strait from Kenwood in the Service manual.

First question is if you are running a remote head?

Second is if you are running a remote head which one, Full display or small channel display version?

Third is if it is a small number display with a speaker in front and it is a non remote display you need a jumper from pins 9 to 12 to get audio out of the front speaker.

With the external speaker it does not matter POS or NEG for audio the signal on these radios. Kenwood does not even differentiate between the two, just that the wires are in the those positions.

Be careful, there is a 12V live power source on one of the other pins. Which pin depends on the modification that has been done. Also there is a Mod that lets you turn the radio on and off with the car key.

With a remote head you need to have a jumper wire going from pin 9 to 12.
Then you connect the external speaker to the back of the remote head. There is a 6pin Molex connector. The speaker wires plug into pin 5 and 6.
Like you said, on the 15 pin Molex pin 6 and 12 are for the external speaker. That output is available when you are not using a jumper on pins 9 and 12.

If you are running a remote head then you use the jumper on 9 and 12 then you can put a PA speaker on pins 13 and 14. The radio if it is not programmed for it can be reprogrammed to make one of the buttons a PA button and also you can make another button a speaker switch so you can listen to the radio traffic outside the vehicle and leave the windows closed. This is nice when you are running a Pit in a desert race and you don't want your truck plastered with dust and sand, trust me I know how that goes.
I help out with pits and as a chase truck for racing in Baja. I kind of became the unofficial go to guy for radio stuff. I started picking up radio whenever I could for friends. I have outfitted around 11 of my friend and others in off-road racing with TK-730, TK-730H, TK-730G and TK-730(G)H radios.

This was probably way too much info, Sorry. These radios are the Sherman tank of race radio, as you know the chassis of this radio is the strongest I have ever seen, it is a solid machined piece not just a sheet metal box like most radios now days. I hope I helped a little.

David Wright
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