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Thanks David, some of your info helped out a lot. I am running as a single remote head. I did not know to run the jumper on 9 and 12 to have the audio come out of the remote head when external speaker connected to it....but the problem i'm having right now is figuring out which pin on the 15-pin molex to run a positive wire to...i knew at one time and thought i had it written down but evidentally i don't, cuz without a positive ran to that pin the radio won't power on, and i think it might be pin 3, but i'm not 100%, also my head is the full alphanumeric, so i must have external speaker. so if you can help me out on which pin i must have a positive hooked to on the 15 pin molex connector and wether or not it needs it's own fuse or if i can just splice on to the positive wire after the 25 amp fuse i'd sure appreciate it, i'm having a lot of troubles trying to find information on the internet...thanks again
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