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TK-730 Ign mod

He Poss

Ya I ran into that with a couple radios. That is a mod some people do to those radios and I hate them.

The way to fix that is to re-solder the W101 or W102 line that has been clipped. The Curcuit board is under the top cover held on by 4 screws.

Which line depends on which type of mod was done.

W101 is next to the multi-colored wire connector.

W102 is next to the white Curcuit board connecter. Close to W101 but not the one right next to it.

As you can see in the picture W102 was the problem on this radio. Not the best solder job, but works. I need to get some small tips for my soldering Iron.

One thing, if you don't feel comfortable working on curcuit boards, you might be able to run a jumper from pin 7 to pin 3. I am not sure if it will work but it will not hurt to try. At worse you might not be able to turn off the radio. if that is the case with the jumper then run the jumper line through a toggle switch to turn on and off. This is if you don't want to mess with the curcuit board.

Here is the legend for the 15pin connector

pin 1-hook
2-mic ground
4-detector audio out
5-mic hi
6-external speaker output a
7-switched voltage 1 amp max out to switch other quipment or a relay.
9-remote speaker output
10-horn alert out 1
11-horn alert out 2
12-external speaker output a
13-external speaker output b
14-external speaker output b

You can also get the scan function working by jumping
pin 1 to 15. Then you turn to the channel you want to scan,
hold down the scan button and push the D/A button and a arrow will
show up above the channel name. After you have added the channels you want to scan, push the scan button and SCAN will show up on the display. When someone transmits the radio will stop on that channel and depending on the radio programming, you can set it to have a priority channel or have it transmit on the same channel that was just received.
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