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I looked and my W101 is cut on both of my radios, one will be easy to soder back cuz it's disconnected at the board, the other, has been cut in half so i'm assuming a person would have to soder a wire between the cut pieces, but if i am to do this, what will i accomplish by sodering the W101 back together? will it keep me from having to run a positive wire to the ignition pin 3 in order to power on my units? if so that would be nice.
Sorry it took me so long to reply.

Yes it will make it so the radio will turn on and off just from the radio, you will not have to run a ignition sensor wire to the back of the radio.

I agree with HoinnaLip the Kenwood is a great radio plat form in the TK-730 and Tk-790 which are almost the same radio with the 790 having a couple more features. The nice thing too is the 45watt and the 110w versions use the same programming and many of the same parts like the circuit boards for channel programing are interchangable. I scapped a 45watt radio to fix a 110watt and the 110watt turned out good as new.

Three weeks untill Baja 1000 woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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