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Home work.....

Not been super active here lately as I've been beat working on the house. Not really by choice, but because its been in need of some repair and freshening up.

Most recently and currently, its been the roof. With 3 layers of asphalt shingles already installed, (and I'm discovering the last layer was done incorrectly) I am having to strip it down to the deck and start fresh. Its fun. In between rain and super gusty wind, and now the current closing of the dump road, progress has been slow. THIS is good. I'm not as fit and used to it as I once I get a recovery period between sides. I have only one more side on the house and the garage left to tackle.
While I'm in a forced wait to do the final side, I am starting on the new gutter system. The old stuff was full of holes that I am tired of trying to plug every year and wanted to change the flow while adding one more downspout anyway.
Houses are a lot like car projects. One thing leads to another. Quickly. Last years garage door install led to a new driveway, which in turn led to a new front step/porch/deck. The winter inside project was the living room. Just to keep winter boredom at bay. This year is not any different. The roof had to be done after the winter we had and the pieces of roofing I picked out of the yard. That led to gutters, and I'm being 'encouraged' to paint the house also. After all it really needs it about 10 years ago....and I don't have anything else to do in my spare time.

Honestly, I'm thankful I'm healthy enough to do this to a place I'm blessed enough to have while having enough funding to do it. I even am blessed enough to have some help from my dad so I don't have to do it all by myself.
I'll work on a few photos of the projects to post here sometime tonight I suppose.

I had hoped to bring a few updates to other projects of the vehicular variety, but that is the way life goes I guess.

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