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nope not really. Buy materials long before I need them and at great sale prices and out of bargain piles... Also shop at bargain centers like Habitat For Humanity. My labor is "free". Not to say its all paid for, but its a lot cheaper than what some average shmuck would have to pay for the same thing.
I do ok buying and selling....usually. I think I have said kids, no wife, no child support, no alimony, no legal bills, I stay out of bars, don't gamble, don't smoke, don't do drugs. So what $$ the government decides I don't need to live on I get to spend improving the property so my estate might have enough to break even on my final expenses.
Wait, I said I don't gamble....but farming is a gamble when you think about it....some years a guy does ok to make up for the years that weren't so good. Hope its a good year this year. Tonight we are expected to get some snow, it shouldn't be around long at all, but it really is hard to take when it was near 70* on Friday/Sat. Amazing how quick you get acclimated to the warm. Today was hovering around 33* and windy most of the day. In Jan, 33* feels like a heat wave. Today its bone chilling.

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I like them small.
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I was bored today & polished ...... it only takes a few minutes of soft rubbing.
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