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Been gathering the materials for the roof over the last 2 years. And for over 3 years on the next roof I have to do. Saving about 2/3's the normal price. Stored it in the Quonset at the farm until I was ready to do them (or when nature said it was time).
Paint....I got for $10/gallon of good Sherwin-Williams paint all due to someone having ordered too much of a certain color. I would not have necessarily chosen that color, but for the price...its my favorite. What do I care, as long as it protects the siding and its not obscenely obnoxious, most any color would have been fine. Its basically a neutral color that goes with the roof color in great contrast that looks acceptable.
It helps to go into the projects without being narrow in the color or styles you have to have.

If I were getting money from porn I imagine I'd have just bought it and not cared about price.

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I like them small.
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I was bored today & polished ...... it only takes a few minutes of soft rubbing.
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