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Back at working on yet another house. The one with that big @ss 3000sqft. Ive gotten 400 sqft done and am working on the next big step--extending the carport roof and replacing windows that I bought awhile back. Thank God I bought this stuff when I had more $$. I really need to unload a tractor or two.
With the rain finally hitting us here, progress is slowed to doing as much prep as possible so when it quits for a day I can strip it and weather it in as a minimum. Trying to get all the "easy" stuff done while I'm fresh. Mostly because it is the bulk of the square footage in roofing. The steep side is still not what I'm looking forward to but I do have a full harness and a pair of roof jacks to assist my progress.
Had to buy a memory stick so I could have room to take photos of my progress...there is no room on the computer as I need to upgrade the memory in the machine to run better. and remove a bunch of photos from here too.

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