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well the rain is sorta here now. took too long on other projects to get to the big roof earlier. Rain hit late for the crops....but maybe they will rebound some. I doubt it though. I just get to be creative in my attempt to get it done before it gets too cold to tackle it all. I do have a few good sized tarps I can make an awning to let me work in the rain if it gets close. For now, I wait it out.....bobbing and weaving to get to the next round you could say. I really ought to have a small crew to assist....but no one around here is competent enough to do this that isn't already working somewhere for someone. I don't have time to teach Roofing 101. I need a clone of me. or a son. or a daughter. I get some help from Dad on this one...but its steep and not super I prefer to keep him on other projects. I'll get it all done I'm sure as long as I stay at it and am safe doing it.

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