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Tacky Mods

I have added side steps to the side bars that Cam built for the truck. NOW NOW before you all get mad they are easily removable with two bolts when you go wheeling. The ladies in my life are short.
I have changed the wheels and tires to a set of 37" Procomp Extreme All Terrains and the Hutchinson Dual Bead lock rims that I have for one of my other projects (may as well use them for something other than spider nests in the garage.)

Other TACKY that are coming very soon

The front Dana 60 is being replaced with the King Pin Style Dynatrac Dana 60 unit out of my other truck with the addition 4.30 gears and Power Lok limited slip differential Chromalloy axle shafts and cross over steering. I will also steel th ram assist steering of my other truck and do a Saginaw power steering pump conversion.
The rear axle is going to be replaces with a disc brake Dana 80 with matching 4.30 gears and a Power Lok as well. the rear drive shaft is going to be upgraded to a 1480 series unit.
As far as future engine and transmission mods are in the far off future the truck run fantastic. I do have a spare 7.3 Powerstroke and E4OD transmission that I will tinker with later.
I am also thinking about fabbing up a roll cage for it but I don't know. I just like cages in trucks just in case I have seen some bad roll overs on stupid simple trails
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