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OK ouch smack me around, LOL!

I did not like the couple things the guy before you did to it & for the most part LOVE most of what your doing!

I would kept the factory trademark Centurion grill, But thats just me.
The head lights?
I'm not 100 percent on them unless they are brighter, then I like them.

We LOVED this truck & doubt when your ready to sell it back to me I'll be able to afford it.

But Hope I get 1st shot at it.

Love the majority of all your doing to it & so happy to see it being treated right!

Remember Mods are to each persons liking & whats awesome about cars is we all do them just a little different from the next guy, it makes it personal this way.

Did you wear out the Toyos or just prefer your companies brand?

I'm shocked that I still have not seen it driving around town anywhere, When I do I'll be the crazy guy trying to stop you! LOL!

Keep up the good work.
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got the wood

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In WA person to person transfer, be it sale or just holding each other's weapon is felonius,
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