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Well to be honest with you i really liked the way the truck looked in this pic

I think it looked classy with the stock wheels and the 35" as for the headlights they are way brighter than the stock ones but i would still like brighter. the grill got changed because it was broken and rattling after i had a little bobo with it and I am way too lazy to paint it like they did. I kind of like the stock look as well. Word of advise BUY N.O.S. PARTS china crap does not fit. i bought one and it fit terrible had to put so much work into it and it still did not fit. bought N.O.S off ebay went right in.
I saw another Centurion in Sunland that had the twin tanks. i tried to talk to the guy and he would have none of that he told me to FO! i was shocked. dont you know a guy wit another with the twin tanks i really want to see how they did the filler neck for the front tank? Maybe there will be one at Knotts this year.
Don't know if the Centurion will be there this year i am trying really hard to get my Torino there may have to trailer the Torino so the Centurion will be stuck in a parking lot somewhere with the trailer
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